A Rainbow-Coloured Battle Against Inequality

A Rainbow-Coloured Battle Against Inequality

We've always been extremely comfortable with the way the binary works. We've all had a specific way of looking at gender and all of the roles and responsibilities that come with it. We have specific ways that we look at masculine and feminine behaviour. Therefore, the idea of people that fall outside these rigid 'boxes' has been one that is tough to get rid of. In fact, it is only recently that the LGBTQIA was decriminalised in India. Imagine it being a crime: how you choose to identify yourself. Imagine it actually offending and angering people. 

This is why, when it comes to people from the LGBTQIA community, we must strive to show them the respect, appreciation, and validation that they have always deserved. To do so, we have to work upon de-stigmatizing everything that we've ever heard and thought about them. To do so, we must let go of our preconceived notions that being a male or a female naturally is the norm, and choosing to identify otherwise isn't how nature intended it. There is still a lingering sense of homophobia in all sorts of environments, and that must change if we are to build a generation of empowered leaders. 

When it comes to a leader, he or she understands how valuable every single person is and is willing to unlearn a lot of things to make room for growth and development. Because only an emotionally empowered leader understands what it takes to be the best out there, and that starts with having the best inside the firm. For years, the LGBTQIA have faced issues and discrimination at the workplace that we have chosen to turn a blind eye to. They have been treated differently just because they own and express their gender the way they want to, and that shouldn't be the basis to judge somebody upon. There have been instances where they have been implicitly declined some great opportunities and jobs, just because of their sexuality. What's more, there aren't nearly enough laws and provisions in place to protect this community from discrimination that takes place within the workplace, and they are the ones who most need this protection. If we are to develop and move forward as a progressive and empathetic nation, representation is something that we should be fighting hard to achieve in workplaces. 

There isn't just one, but thousands of benefits of having the LGBTQIA be part of the workforce at the firm that you wish to take over the world with. One of the key reasons that a company should hire them is because of the diversity that it brings to the workplace. Everybody has something to bring to the table, and in today's generation, this is an organization's way of showing to the world that they truly value and appreciate quality, diversity, and inclusion. They believe in giving everybody equal chances, especially the ones that have been marginalized in the past. When an organisation is diverse and brings together people from different races, locations, backgrounds, gender, etc., they are essentially bringing about unique and interesting ideas, people, and culture too. What's more, studies have also proven how diversity in the workplace is linked to an increase in profits and better workplace motivation too. If you wish to be an organisation that truly practices what you claim to, it is time to take a step in the right direction and truly appreciate the ones that most deserve it. 

There have been numerous studies suggesting how low worker motivation and an unhealthy work environment has led to more people quitting and profits falling. The workers are the heart and core of any organisation, and the duty falls upon the heads to ensure that they are not subject to any mistreatment, harrasment, or discrimination. A great company is recognised by the way it treats its people. Every single employee should look forward to their day of work that's coming. Therefore, having LGBTQIA within your workforce not only gives you the opportunity to set things right, but it also establishes to everyone else in the workplace what equality, compassion, and empathy mean to you as a leader. The only way to do so is to build a place where everybody is loved, accepted, and valued for who they are and the work and skills that they bring in. The LGBTQIA have always been sidelined and overlooked because of how society views them, and changing that is imperative. Furthermore, the stories and numbers of workers that undergo depression, stress, anxiety, burnout, etc. are seamless. Every year, millions of employees across the world go through these same issues. If one is to build a world that is guided by empathy, then one needs to begin by being kind and understanding the importance of everybody's mental health, especially in a setting like work. According to research, LGBTQIA that are forced to hide their identities in the workplace are prone to higher amounts of stress and anxiety. This is where it becomes important to build a culture of acceptance where people can come forward anytime they want to. 

The world is changing, and orthodox ideas aren't something that is going to turn organisations and businesses around for the better. Therefore, we must all truly stop holding onto our biases and misinformation that we've been holding onto before. LGBTQIA always have and always will deserve equal rights, representation, and respect. It is up to us to cultivate a humane and vulnerable society where nobody has to hide who they are, and everybody gets to succeed!