It's really important to attain the quality of dealing with negative thoughts at work as it not only helps in increasing productivity at work but also helps in maintaining mental peace.

When distressing thoughts or topics are mentioned, our hopes and desires of getting better are swept away. Workplace negativity makes us exhausted and it’s really necessary to deal with negative thoughts at work as if it can’t be handled carefully then, it brings down our motivation to work and makes high productivity seem stressful. Scope for personal and professional growth starts to shut down as we are not satisfied with our role. Although our work might only be for 8-9 hours, we consciously and subconsciously preoccupy ourselves with the worries and tend to fall into the abyss of overthinking which eventually affects our sleep and appetite. 

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Do we face difficulty in connecting and communicating with people at the workplace and home? Why are we unable to remain positive while working with our colleagues? 

With the current challenges, it is understandable to have such questions. In fact, it's perfectly okay. We can work it out, one at a time. This pandemic has brought to us unforeseen challenges of dealing with personal and professional issues. During this period, we witnessed the changing nature of our workplace, particularly with work from home becoming the new normal. Initially working from home sounded pretty chill, but as days went by, we started facing problems - our interpersonal relationships were hampered; we found ourselves bound by our walls, and missing the human connection. This in turn became a breeding ground for loneliness. So how do we deal with loneliness?

Being at home and working brought a new set of hurdles. Managing time for work and family responsibilities was often found to be in a tug-of-war for priority. Knowledge about time management hacks should have helped us to deal effectively, yet we couldn’t. Work pressure, lack of understanding among colleagues about allocated work, and constant suspicion from managers about every detail of work became overwhelming and stressful. Misunderstanding and miscommunication among colleagues and managers spread negativity in the workplace. At such junctures, we feel like disappearing into unknown places and being left alone. Our burden makes us anxious about having to work with colleagues, as we might no longer be able to deal with workplace stress and family issues. All sorts of thoughts pop up in our heads; especially the negative ones that make us question our worth and existence in the workplace.

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Paulo Coelho has rightly talked about this in ‘The Alchemist’ - “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it". Universe has granted us the availability of Counsellors who like good samaritans, is trustworthy, and will listen to all of our worries and find a way through the negativity. They will help lower our burdens and help us with emotional upskilling which will come in handy to understand the difficult situations we find ourselves in. We will be able to stand tall and work through our troubles to restore Mental peace.

Alongside if we want to work on ourselves for being emotionally independent and to learn to lead a life with positivity, we always have resources waiting at our door. At Peakmind Academy, we offer effective learning toolkits, which will teach you skills to manage workplace conflict, workplace stress, handle negativity at the workplace and develop positive thinking. We can make the most of this Corporate wellness program which will enable us to enhance our productivity level and keep us motivated at all times.


Author - Dipika Minj

Subject Matter Expert - Psychology