What does an Employee Assistance Program do?

What does an Employee Assistance Program do?

Did you know that an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can significantly boost your performance at work?

Employee Assistance Programs are programs offered by employers to help employees cope with social, personal, and professional issues that might be hampering their productivity.

You might think that these programs are not very useful (or essential), but studies have shown the significant benefits they reap, time and again.

45% of employees who made use of EAPs reported a significant improvement in their work-life balance, while 86% admitted that the EAP had a positive impact on their well-being.

With such impressive numbers, are you convinced of the importance of Employee Assistance Programs yet? If not, here are some of the major benefits you can reap through an EAP:-


1. Reduced Work-Related Injuries

When your personal problems are plaguing your mind, it is difficult to do your work with full concentration. This can prove to be very dangerous for people who work at jobs with high levels of occupational hazard. What if that one second of distraction causes you a grave injury or costs you your life?

This is why EAPs are important. When you are receiving the proper assistance to deal with your issues, you are less likely to be distracted, thus resulting in lower incidences of work-related injuries.

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2. Increased Zeal for Work

When your workplace truly cares about your mental health, what else can you ask for?

A lot of employees complain that their workplace does not value them enough. Through EAPs, you receive the special treatment that you truly deserve. When you feel valued by your employers, you are more likely to be absent from work. EAPs also develop greater loyalty within employees, thus increasing employee retention rates.


3. Multiplied Productivity

There is nothing that can boost your productivity as much as taking good care of your mental health. EAPs assist employees in all aspects of their mental health by providing emotional and psychological support without violating their privacy. With proper assistance, you will overthink less, beat procrastination, put a hold on anxiety, and develop a positive attitude towards your work. When your mind is free of worries, it can focus better on the task at hand.

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4. Effective Stress Management

Stress is a part of every person’s life.

Especially in the workplace, stress can be very common because of the immense responsibilities one needs to discharge.

In such a situation, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and exhausted simply because of the load of work.

However, with EAPs, employees can pick up healthy coping mechanisms that allow them to manage their stress levels effectively.


5. Better Work-Life Balance

What is the obvious effect of lesser stress levels and higher productivity? A better work-life balance, of course.

When you are performing at your optimum level at the workplace, and stress is not getting in your way of working, then you will get all your work done in less time. 

This leaves you more time to invest in your personal life and thus a better work-life balance.


6. The Overall Impact of EAPs

In the long term, EAPs allow employees to implement a healthy cycle of productivity, positivity, and work-life balance. They provide employees with resources to cope with the various obstacles of life. At the same time, they also ensure complete privacy so that the employees do not feel vulnerable in any way. 


7. Reduces employee turnover

Everyone loves to work in a happy, healthy, and non-toxic work environment, and a top employee assistance program helps to achieve them all, which in return helps to create a good organizational environment resulting in lesser employee turnover. That will eventually help to establish a good image for the organization in the market, which will be a boon for the organization.

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