What is Mental Health?

What is Mental Health?

Going by the basic definition, the subject of mental health includes psychological, emotional, and social well-being. The entire process of how we feel, think and act upon, directly affects mental health.

How Positive Mental Health is No.1 Future Skill?

Guess what’s the costliest asset you can ever possess? Nah, Bitcoin is outdated; it’s positive mental health!

Be it for students or adults, you can’t deny the power of having positive mental health. Flagged from a pandemic threatened time, the strength of retaining positive mental health can empower you, me, and the society at large to combat not just social battles but the interpersonal and professional ones too.

A positive mind gives your confidence an immunized power that helps you to overcome challenges met at schools, colleges or offices or any other sector. Not for the present day, but a positive mindset takes you long in your future trials as well.

The right way to handling stress and anxiety-related problems sources out from what is the extent of mental health being affected. Not just stagnated to a particular stage of life, but the skillset of having positive mental health is vital throughout one's entire survival journey.

Mapping Mental Wellbeing


The state of mental health and wellness is influenced by many factors. Let's understand a few of the vital ones below:

A) Survival factors: These are the factors that involve a major chunk of how a person is managing his or her survival battle such as employment status, educational strengths, involvement/abstaining from violent activities, and living environments.

B) Community factors: These factors reflect a sense of belonging which is positive, the potential inclination towards highlighting and embracing diversity in a particular society.

C) Self factors: These stand out as the most important factors for determining one's mental health and wellness since; the strength to manage thoughts and overcoming stresses builds your personality trait and even in worst situations gives you the redeeming to fight to overcome.

What Affects Mental Health?

There can be multiple reasons which lead to affecting one’s mental health. Locating few of the ones which have been the most reported and measured are as below:

  • Family Crisis
  • Accident or Physical Trauma
  • Loss of employment
  • Career Thoughts
  • Suffering from Ailments
  • Love/Relationship Problems
  • Mental or Physical Abuse

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Worries with Mental Illness

Being a very sensitive issue in its core of understanding, mental illness comes with a series of posing threats such as stress, anxiety, depression that pushes a person into a negative circle. This circle gets vicious with its constant loop of bad thoughts that worsens the state of mental health of a person going through the traumatic phase.

Thus, checking on mental health's importance becomes pivotal. There are quite many distinctive early warning signs that can be understood to aid a person suffering from volatile mental health.

Early warning signals:


  • Excessive worrying
  • Feeling low
  • Confused thoughts
  • Frequent mood changes
  • Avoiding social interactions
  • Sleeplessness
  • Change in eating habits
  • Unusual changes in sex drive
  • Alcohol or drug abuse

The Helping Hand

Fighting and winning over the stigma of mental illness, all you need to do is seek professional help. In these testing times, especially for students and adults, maintaining your mental wellbeing should be taken very seriously.

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